Mobile payment systems are growing at an accelerated rate, and now we can pay for shopping at the store or takeaway coffee not only through smartphones, but also through smartwatch. Perhaps it will soon be possible also with the help of a special ring.

VISA, one of the largest payment card providers, has created a special ring featuring an NFC chip for mobile payments. Unfortunately, this device will not be available in stores because it was created only for athletes who will come to Rio de Janeiro in a few days to participate in the Olympic Games.

The ring was made so that athletes could easily afford to pay for their purchases, even if they had not yet changed their sports outfits to normal clothes and had no wallets or smartphones with which they could pay their bills. The ring can be worn by them all the time, and the payment process only requires a handshake over the terminal, which works exactly the same as paying now with a smartphone.

Especially for the new Visa device in the Olympic town will install 4000 terminals equipped with NFC technology.